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Cute & Stylish but they run narrow and short!!
Cute and Stylish but order 1/2 size longer and 1 width bigger!

I normally wear a size 7 SS. In these cute and stylish multi color sandals I wear a 7 1/2 narrow. Just keep that in mind to order 1/2 size longer and 1 width bigger so the sandal will fit correctly. I have the tan, the blue, and was hoping to get the pink multi color but the 7 1/2 narrow is all out of stock. Hope someone can use my 7 SS!!!

No narrow shoes in SUMMER

I have tried to find the sandal called summer in every store online that sells monroe. There are no 9.5 available in a narrow anywhere I have a very narrow foot and I can only wear the Monroe shoes. It's very discouraging I would have loved to have had a pair of the blue ones and the beige ones very disappointed. I usually like to buy from monroe' but you don't have any left at all in a narrow or a 9.5 in any of the colors of Summer.

We appreciate you taking the time to share. Summer was a hot style (no pun intended). It would be great if we could make more, but we don't have the materials needed to put it back into production.
In the meantime, we'll be sure to pass your needs (9.5N) along to our merchandisers. They may be working on something for spring '24 that will match your style like the Summer does.

Sized too short

Very nice , cute but read the fine print. They are sized a half size too short! You have to pay the return fee even though they are obviously sized too short! I have been buying Munro sandals for over 20 years and never had this issue. First time I have had trouble with sizing with Munro shoes. I own over 20 pairs all the same size. This one is the first that is too short.

Thank you for your feedback.
Not all shoes, sandals, or boots fit exactly the same. We feel these sandals are properly sized as some customers can and do wear the footbed sandals in their 'regular' size; however, there are others that need to go up a half-size for best fit.
There is a bullet point in the detail description on our website that suggests you go up a half-size for the best fit.

My Go to Sandal in summer!!!
Supportive, comfy, & cute sandals!!!

These are the most comfortable, supportive, & cute sandals!!! My super narrow feet appreciate the cute style and comfort. The velcro is great to get a nice fit around the heel and the ankle. I normally wear a 7 SS. The tan in this size fits great. The blue in the same size has the last strap fitting too tightly over the bone of my big toe.... so width of straps seems to vary with color. The shoe straps can not be stretched much.

Munro for Best Fit

Munro shoes are all I've worn for many years. I wear a WW and would probably have to go barefoot if Munro didn't exist! I have many many pairs in both booties and sandals. I just received the Summer Sandal in black for a big trip coming up. They fit right out of the box (as advertised) so breaking them in will not be necessary. I buy them on line through the Nordstrom in my area.