Cleaning Instructions


We recommend NIKWAX “Footwear Cleaning Gel”, though please test the product first on an inconspicuous part of the shoe as it may darken the material.

You can also clean fabric by the following:

Brush shoes off with a rough cloth or a soft bristled brush as needed. For spots/stains: Use a mild, CLEAR (no color) dish washing liquid or heavily-diluted clothing detergent, and apply to the spot with the brush. If the spot is some kind of oil, use a clear degreasing dish washing soap. Rub very lightly so you don't tear the fibers, but try to get the solution into the fabric. Use a cloth soaked in water to remove any of the detergent and let dry. If the water soaks through to the lining of the shoe, do NOT wear them until completely dry or the lining may pull away from the outer material.


To re-proof or add water repellency, we recommend NIKWAX “Nubuck and Suede Proof”. Please note that this product may darken the material, so please check on an inconspicuous place first to make sure you can live with the results.

Use a soft bristled brush or suede brush to remove dirt. Do not use water or detergent on the suede as this may damage it. On plain suede or Nubuck you can use a special suede brush to bring the nap back up if it gets flattened or worn. You can also use the "hook" side of a piece of Velcro - rub it VERY LIGHTLY over the suede in one direction to loosen dirt and bring the nap back up but do NOT use Velcro on the crosshatch printed suede as this will remove the printing that makes the crosshatch shine. Oil is almost impossible to get out of suede without damage. However, if you catch it before it absorbs and dries into the suede, you can sprinkle talcum powder (or a similar absorbent powder) on the oil spot and then brush it off with a soft brush.


Munro shoes are made with many different kinds of leather: kid (goat), lamb (sheep), and cow. While it is okay to use most leather cleaners and conditioners on cow leather, do NOT use any cleaners, conditioners or waterproofers on kid and lamb leather if they contain petroleum distillates, as these will discolor and damage the leather. You can use canuba wax or meltonian cream to condition the leather, but use small amounts and apply in a circular motion to prevent streaking. For waterproofing, NIKWAX  “Fabric and Leather Proof” is recommended. Please note that this product may darken the material, so please check on an inconspicuous place first to make sure you can live with the results. Do NOT use detergents on any type of leather as they will strip the finish. Saddle soap is still a good, inexpensive product for cow or calf leather, but it will not work as well on kid or lamb. Be sure to wipe all the surface dirt off the shoes before using saddle soap or any type of cleaner.


Use a small amount of white vinegar diluted in water. Soak a cloth or soft brush in the mixture and rub out the salt stains. This solution will also work on some acid based stains in fabric if they have not set.


Spray a soft cloth with furniture polish, and wipe the sides of the outsole. Be careful not to get the polish onto the bottom of the outsole or the upper of the shoe as it might stain the material or leather.