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Great boots!

I bought these in brown some years ago for a hiking trip and they were great and very comfortable. I then began wearing them in the winter. They are cute and look good with jeans and leggings. The brown ones were kinda beat up from wearing so I bought them in black. Love these boots they are sooo comfortable, I can wear them all day. I wear my regular size of 6.5 wide and put my orthotics in. I have a lot of Munro shoes and sandals and they are my best fitting shoes. Please keep making them.

Narrower Than Anticipated

I wear an 11SS so I tend to have to make do with an 11N sneaker or boot in other brands. My thick custom orthotic tends to make it a doable fit. These Bradley boots are really narrow! I ordered 11N since it's what was available. I had to fight to get that orthotic in! Once in there, My foot is a bit squished. Removing the orthotic allows this N boot to fit my SS foot like a glove. That's the reason why I took off a star: the fit doesn't really match the size and some may find that troublesome. They are so perfect for my feet, that I'm ordering 3/4 arch support insoles to hopefully make these work since I can't walk around without extra support. They're comfy and beautiful!

Alma True
Short and Narrow.

I have been professionally measured as having an 8 wide (barely) foot. The 8.5 WW fit well, however I returned them. I didn't care for the look and want the extra effort required to take care of nubuck. Too bad Munro didn't make a finished brown leather option similar to the buckle strap.

Elizabeth Mary Gaffney
Great fashion boot! Lightweight

I read reviews all the time, so I think I should write one. I like the looks of these boots. They're classic and stylish, very simple in the best way. The boots are so lightweight, it's amazing to walk in them. However, their comfort is not 5 stars because the inside is a bit loose and unstructured for me. Or maybe it's because I had to get a wide width due to my new foot troubles. Podiatrist recommended Munro, and this is one of their best shoes for the style I like. I'm a college professor, walking around campus and on my feet all day. These are casual-perfect.

Julie R. Barnes
Best all weather walking /hiking boot EVER!

I can’t say enough about Munro shoes over all but after years of struggling with finding a proper , well fitting rugged but light enough to work on a camping trip or just look cute going out for Christmas shopping this IS the boot ! I am difficult to fit and very sensitive so it has been a challenge ! I own 2 pair of theses great boots ! Order your most comfortable walking shoe size and width and wear them with a regular sock or order them slightly wider and wear them with a boot sock for cold weather or rugged terrain ! Forget those high tech , crazy looking “big outdoor company “ name boots that look like you are going to climb Everest and cost about as much , theses are what you want ! Great quality , truely wearable and really attractive on your feet ! Bravo Munro , don’t ever change ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️